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Mining for world domination

Welcome to 'Deep Rift 9'™ - a place only for the toughest of the toughest. This damn place is home to some nasty critters, fierce lightning storms, and endless swamps. Get caught of guard by the local wildlife and your life might end quick and painfull. 

Even though this place is close to hell, the reward in precious metals still makes it worth while. The corporation wants you to lead the building of a safe base, make all preparations to protect it from other greedy companies, and if possible build a colony and get a permanent foothold on the planet. All this to harvest precious metals to send back home.

Your corporation - your battle

Take the role as a commander for a mining corporation, and build your mining stations on 'Deep Rift 9'™ far away from Earth and the core systems. Fight other corporations and join in corporate alliances in order to gain planet domination.

Build spy drones to gain information about your neighbours. Hire mercenaries and train troops to help overpower enemy bases and fight off alien invasions. 

Join now and start your mining corporation on 'Deep Rift 9'™.